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I am a choreographer here in Chicago, premiering a work-in-progress piece about neuroscience.  Could I post this information about my showing?  


Independent choreographer Megan Rhyme presents:


Inner Cartography: The Science of new things

A work-in-progress showing by Megan Rhyme

November 22, 2009



1474 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL 60622

$5 suggested donation

There will be a discussion immediately following the showing 


Choreographer Megan Rhyme has spent the last six months researching neuroscience and conversing with neuroscientist Miriam Sachs, PhD at University California – San Diego.  The result is a work about body mapping, a term used to describe the spatial distribution of neurons in the motor cortex of the brain and the patterns of neurons that reflect our movement experiences.  A community of four people struggle with the creation of new body maps and the constant change present in the maps and themselves, and reveal the pressures and emotional burdens we put on ourselves when learning. 

Thanks so much! 




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